A Quick Guide for Your Daily Health Care Routine

Diet Doctor

A Quick Guide for Your Daily Health Care Routine

Diet Doctor

Health care is the most concerned field of anyone’s personal life. Everyone is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and trying to follow a Daily Health Care Routine to stay fit and active in daily life activities. If you are worried about your health and wants to follow a health care routine, here is a Quick Guide for and few tips for you.

Eat Variety of Foods

It is the first ingredient of your health care routine and you must include a variety of foods in your daily diet. Researches show that our body needs 40 different types of nutrients and we can get all these from a single food item. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a variety of foods and to take a balanced diet to stay healthy.

grill chicken-Daily Health Care Routine
grill chicken

Opt  the Friendly Fats

Fats are important nutrient of a balanced diet, but the excessive use of fats may harm our health. Therefore, opt the friendly fats such as olive oil, peanut oil and other such natural fats for daily use. Try to avoid trans fats.

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Reduce Salt and Sugar Intake

High intake of both; salt and sugar can harm health and cause serious diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. It is suggested in a health care routine to take both of these food items in moderation.

Keep an Eye on Portion Size

Eating a variety of foods regularly and in moderate portion are important factors to affect health. If anyone is following a healthy life style, it is suggested not to skip any meal, but, he  should take all the meals at a proper time and follow a moderate portion according to his daily life activities and his body’s requirement.

Keep an Eye on Portion Size
Keep an Eye on Portion Size

Drink Water

The role of water in maintaining good health cannot be denied. Adults should drink 1.5 liters of water a day.

Drinking Water-Daily Health Care Routine
Drinking Water

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

The right weight for anyone depends upon a number of factors such as age, height, gender and genes and it is important to maintain a healthy body weight. You can calculate your ideal BMI from Ideal Body Weight Calculator


Stay Active

Last but not the least tip to maintain a health care routine, is to stay active. Physical activities are vital in healthy lifestyle. Researches show that we should at least do 30 minute physical activity to stay healthy and fit.

All the above tips are important yet easy to follow to maintain a healthy life style and the right time to start a healthy lifestyle is to start now. Make little changes in your daily lifestyle and started following the easy and self evaluating health care routine and observe positive changes in your life.



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