What Is 5G? 5G Speed & How Does 5G Works? Everything You Need to Know About 5G Network

5G Technology Everything You Need to Know About 5G Network
5G Technology

What Is 5G? How Does  5G Works? Everything You Need to Know About 5G Network

5G Technology Everything You Need to Know About 5G Network
5G Technology

What is 5G Technology?

Fifth Generation cellular technology generally known as 5G is the latest technology, designed to increase the speed of the wireless technology. According to some estimates, with 5g technology, broadband connections could travel 20 Gbps. In addition to the speed, it also increases the amount of data transfer from one broadband connection to another because of more available bandwidth.  Apart from these features, it offers users to create multiple virtual wireless networks within a single 5G connection.

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How Does 5G Works?

The information technology made tremendous development over the past few decades. 4G wireless technology was developed and then it provided the foundation for the development of 5G.  The Radio access network is the main component of 4G as well as 5G networks and consists of different facilities such as towers, small cells and in building home system. For 5G network, these radio access network is redesigned and converted to small cell stations. 5G network works on  these  large numbers of small cell stations, these small cell stations are required because of  the high wave spectrum. 5g relies on the band spectrum between 30GHz to 300GHz and it could travel only the small distances.

Apart from the radio access network, the core network is also an essential component of the broadband networks. Just like the radio access network, core network is redesigned to integrate with internet and to improve response timings. Many specifications of the 5g network are managed in the core.

5G Bandwidth

Bandwidth of broadband connection is the distance between the lower and upper cutoff frequency. For 5G technology, the bandwidth is 500Mhz to 1-2 Ghz.

How Fast is 5G? | 5G Speed

5G network is currently the fastest internet connection. Estimated downloading speed of 5G network is around 1-10Gbps. There are different estimates about the uploading speed of 5G network and the consensus is that you can upload data of 10Gb in one second.

Benefits of 5G Network

5G network is the most developed technology in the field of cellular network and it is offering amazing advantages to its users. Some of its benefits are as follows;

  • 5G network offers high speed connection to its users.
  • 5G network decreases the latency. In other words, it decreases the response time. For example, When you click the video, you send request to the network and when the video is played it is the response of the network. In 4G network, the latency time is 20 miliseconds and it reduces to 1 milisecond in 5G network.
  • The biggest benefit of the 5G network, it is designed to connect a larger number of devices than the traditional internet connection. It smoothly provides power to all the connected devices and this feature is greatly beneficial for the major industries, media, healthcare and gaming.

Difference Between 4G and 5G Network

There are several differences between 4G and 5G network on the basis of speed and latency. The speed of 4g is 150Mbps, while the speed of 5G is 1-10Gbps. Apart from the speed, 4g and 5g are differentiated on the basis of latency as well, the latency period of 4g is 50milliseconds and the 5g network has the latency period of 1millisecond. In addition to it, 5G is different from 4G on the basis of its users. There are a number of devices, available in the market that support 4g network. While, for the 5G network, there are fewer devices supporting the network and you need to buy them to get benefit of the 5G network’s speed and latency.

5G Supporting Mobile Phones

The competition is high in the field of information technology and different companies are participating in the race of modern technology. 5G is the innovation in IT and all the cellular companies are designing 5G supporting mobile phones. Huawei has launched its 5G supporting cell phone, Huawei Mate X. Huawei is not alone in the race, there are other companies as well that include;

However, the biggest mobile company “Apple” will launch its 5G supporting mobile phone in 2020.



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